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Bed in A Bag

Your bed is more than just a set of sheets and pillows. Building your bed set has become an art form. It is an extension of your unique personality, and your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. D’Decor’s bed-in-a-bag collection comprises stylishly assembled bedding sets that come with a bedsheet, a quilted comforter, and a pair of pillow covers. The statement design of the bedsheet is repeated on the comforter. A soft, complementary design is printed on the reverse. Digitally printed, matching pillow designs add to the beauty of these bed-in-a-bag sets. These sets are offered in queen size. They are woven from 100 per cent, combed cotton and come in a wide palette of colour combinations and design varieties. D’Decor’s bed-in-a-bag is a comprehensive solution for a day and night bed and is also a wonderful gifting option. D’Decor offers bed-in-a-bag sets in different thread counts like 136TC, 144TC and 210TC. The design theme ranges from floral design to abstract prints, geometric patterns, ethnic designs, stripes, checks, and many more. You can choose the pattern based on your room decor or colour scheme. Or you could pick a bed-in-a-bag set from the various collection themes that D’Decor has. The diversity in design offerings makes the bed-in-a-bag’s online shopping experience an exciting journey. Buy bed-in-a-bag set online, in your favourite colours!. Our website also has a wide selection of bedsheets and comforters online.