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Hand Towels

Made from the finest of yarns, D’Decor’s beautiful range of hand towels feature unique collections, along with an exclusive range called ‘The Towel Suite’. Featuring a gorgeous array of colours, from vivid shades to chic neutrals, they are a great way to enhance your bathroom. The towels also leave your skin pampered through their soft, silky weaves. Each collection, offering a hand towel set, comprises of two hand towels of size 40cm x 60cm in a palette of four to sixteen mesmerizing hues. Each set, with varied hand towel price, construction, and look, is characterised by its super-absorbency and soft hand-feel. Embrace luxury with our top-notch collection called the ‘Midas Collection’, where luxuriously plush towels come together to create an ambience that radiates comfort. The Linea Collection offers towels in a dobby woven, cotton-linen blend, where the structure enhances absorption, contributing to a feel that relaxes and refreshes you. The towels in the Solitaire Collection have a silky-soft touch, and the Ace Collection presents towels in a yarn-dyed range with a characteristic heathered look. The most attractively-priced collections are the Pioneer and the Vital Collections, with their range of super-soft hand towels in four to Sixteen beautiful shades, making them delightfully tempting to touch. The cotton hand towels create the perfect balance between luxury, comfort and durability. Hand towels in the Platina Range are woven from zero-twist cotton resulting in less lint, greater absorption, and a silky hand-feel. The Ecosoft Collection presents GOTS certified towel sets made from organic cotton. The towels in the Prism Collection are made of 100 per cent cotton, characterized by a greater loft, bulk and durability. Buy hand towels in a selection of colours and styles to complement your bathroom decor. Browse through our collections on the D’Decor website and check out classic and contemporary designs of hand towels online for a pleasant usage experience and at the same time add an elegant touch to your bathroom space.