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Bed Cover

A bed cover, as the name says, is a removable cover used to cover the bed, during the daytime. Apart from good design, the bedcover should be soft to the touch, easy to wash, and durable. Bed covers are one of the major home decor categories of D’Decor. Our bed covers come in an attractive selection of designs, digitally printed on a 100 per cent heavy cotton base. It has a weight that enables the cover to be draped elegantly on the bed and can be machine washed at home. The brand offers unique selection of bed covers, including double and single bed covers. You can also find quilted and plain bed covers online. The entire range has bed covers with statement digital print designs in a multitude of colours. These bed covers are perfect for use during the day on top of the bedsheet. In the night, they can be used as a layer to keep you warm. These meticulously-crafted bed covers are given the best finishing treatments for a super-soft touch to make you comfortable to sleep in. There are numerous prints and bed cover designs available online on the D’Decor website. Offered in a lovely selection of colours and patterns, D’Decor’s sophisticated bed cover designs are an aesthetic solution to make any bed look glamorous. You could also explore a complete range of D’Decor’s quilted bed covers on the shop section of the website. Browse through our website to buy your favourite Bed cover online.