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D’Decor offers a range of ready-made eyelet curtains. They come in elegant jacquards, woven stripes, textured plains, gracefully embroidered patterns, and lively digital prints. The wide spectrum of colours offered in the ready-made curtains collection include beautiful tones of beige, silver, ecru, and neutrals to vibrant solids and multi-coloured prints. A colour palette of sixteen different hues gives you numerous shade choices when choosing ready-made curtains from our collection. The online design library of ready-made curtains enables the customer to choose from across ten different design styles including florals, leaves, and classical damasks to contemporary geometric and abstract patterns. There are several choices in plain and textured ready-made curtains comprising satins, chenille, woven textures, ribbed plains, and more. The available sizes of the ready-made door curtains are 9 ft and 7 ft and 5 ft for ready-made window curtains. Ready to install and easy to co-ordinate with D’Decor’s range of cushions, the ready-made curtains are an easy and flexible solution for an instant make-over of your home’s interior decor. The curtain collection has various design styles that you can choose from, including classic, vintage, retro, contemporary, or minimalist. Buy ready-made curtains online from the D’Decor website. We are known for our innovative patterns in ready-made curtains. D’Decor's curtain designs come in a wide range of looks. Our ready-made curtains collection showcases the entire range of styles that we offer on our website. Buy ready-made curtains from D'Decor's online store, available in a diverse collection of designs encompassing various patterns that meet your home decor needs.