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Blinds are window coverings made from coated and non-coated fabric, wood and light metal supported with aluminium, wooden and other sturdy components. They are window shades that can be tilt-adjusted for light-control, closed for privacy or blocking the light or can be pulled up to open to an unobstructed view of great outdoors.

What are the different types of blinds?

Different types of blinds suit different types of windows and situations. The type of blind you choose should also match your home’s decor and add charm to your room.

  1. Roller Blinds
    Combining practicality with beauty, our Roller blind collection comprises of 470 stunning options ranging from contemporary to traditional.

    Tailored with a large range of additional accessories such as shapes, diamantes, poles, braids and pulls, our Roller blinds has the most versatility.

  2. Duplex Blinds
    Stylish and simple to use, Duplex blinds filter light into a room using a two - phase system that switches from opaque to sheer.

    Simply operated via a chain system, alternate strips of dim out and sheer fabrics can be aligned to create a full sheer blind, a full dim out blind, or a mixture of the two.

    Available in a variety of colours, the Duplex blind works well in any environment.

  3. Roman Blinds
    Create a stunning focal point in any room with a Roman blind. Roman blinds are the modern alternative to curtains and offer a simple yet practical window covering option.

    In the closed position, complete privacy and light control can be achieved whilst the linear operation allows the blind to neatly stack in easy folds, leaving your window open and clutter free.

  4. Wooden Blinds
    Offering light control with natural, earthy tones, our made-to-measure range of Wooden Venetian Blinds are available in a wide variety of natural wood colours.

    Operated by coordinating control cords, controlling light with the tilt and turn mechanism is simple and easy. A wide-bodied head rail system ensures smooth operation, and matching pelmets complete the look of a simple and beautiful blind.

  5. Sheer Horizon Blinds
    Sheer Horizon blinds combine the versatility of a Venetian blind with the style of a Roller blind.

    Allowing maximum control of light, the Sheer Horizon blind uses tilt operation to switch from dim out to sheer.

    Available in a variety of colours, Sheer Horizon offers a stylish and attractive alternative to Venetian blinds.

  6. Honeycomb Blinds
    The unique honeycomb construction of these blinds makes this range the most energy efficient for home or offices. Providing insulation, it keeps the room warmer in winters and cooler in summers resulting in energy savings of up to 25% in most cases.

    Combined with our range of stylish colours and designs, the Honeycomb blind range is the perfect solution for any room or office.

  7. Pleated Blinds
    Our range of Pleated blinds provides a combination of versatility and style and is available in a wide selection of colours and patterns to suit all types of interiors.

    Range also includes day and night blinds, which combine two Pleated fabrics within one Blind, offering incredible versatility and light control, or the Top Down, Bottom Up collection, which allows the blind to be positioned exactly where it’s required on the window.

  8. Panel Blinds
    Perfect for the larger window, Panel blinds use a sliding system for a smooth operation, neatly stacking panels to either side of the window when in the open position, or sliding over the width of the window to create a truly stunning feature in any room.

    Window coverage with a modern twist, our Panel blinds range offers over 800 options in both soft and hard fabric.

  9. Cladded Blinds
    Offering light control in a truly unique and refreshing way, Cladded blind offers the versatility of a Venetian Blind with the flexibility of adding a design with our comprehensive range of fabrics from the Folio range.

    Operated by co-ordinating control cords and ladder tapes, controlling light with the tilt and turn mechanism is simple and easy.

  10. Vertical Blinds
    Using a sleek, slim-line system, operation is smooth and simple, allowing the Blinds to tilt, turn or be stacked to either side of the window for complete light control.

    The most versatile of products, our range of 470 fabrics comprises of a variety of colours and textures to suit all environments.

  11. Aluminium Venetian Blinds
    Offering light control in a range of fashionable colours, our made-to-measure Aluminium Venetian blinds are available in a wide variety of finishes to suit any décor.

    Operated by co-ordinating control cords, controlling light with the tilt and turn mechanism is simple and easy. A sleek, colour co-ordinated head rail system ensures smooth operation, and our variety of ladder tapes in both plain or patterned designs complete the look of a simple yet elegant blind.

  12. Romex Blinds
    Create a stunning focal point in any room with a Romex blind. Available with standard, sheer or black out fabric options, Romex Roman blinds are the modern alternative to soft Roman Blinds or curtains.

    With 470 plus options in hard roller fabrics to choose from, our range of fabrics for stitch less Roman Blinds are ideal for combining beauty with practicality.

What sizes are available in blinds?

Window blinds are available for all window sizes including double hung windows, picture windows as well as sliding windows. Blinds can be customized to fit your windows perfectly.

Custom window blinds are individually crafted in a variety of lengths and widths to ensure that you can open and close them with ease.

What should you look for when buying blinds?

Selecting the perfect window blinds can get tricky. Here are some factors you can consider when buying blinds online:

  1. Thermal Insulation
    The blinds you choose should have the ability to keep heat in during winters and keep it out during summers. It should provide your room with good insulation.
  2. Window Measurements
    When selecting window blinds online, consider three measurements: window length, width and depth. The depth of your window will determine the size of slats and the decorative cassette in certain categories of blinds.
  3. Safety
    Opt for blinds consisting child safety mechanisms if you have kids, to ensure safety.

Here are some tips for buying blinds:

  1. Buy blinds based on how it controls the light entering your room. Light-filtering window blinds are perfect for drawing and dining rooms. Choose sheer horizon or duplex blinds to let in a comfortable amount of light in these rooms.
  2. In comparison, blackout blinds block majority or all of the light entering the room. Perfect for bedrooms, so you can sleep or binge-watch peacefully.
  3. From bright splashes to natural subtle tones, you should know how you want your blinds to complement your room’s decor and the sort of visual impact you want it to make.
  4. You should choose the type of material that your room requires. For wet zones like the bathroom or kitchen, you should choose water-resistant blinds that are easy to clean, like aluminium venetian blinds.

Are blinds expensive?

The cost of blinds vary and depends on factors like the type of materials used or and whether they are manually operated or motorized.

As compared to curtains, blinds come with add-on functionalities like light control. They are also a convenient match to the decor of your room, offering best value for their price.

What is the price range for blinds?


Starting Price

Roller, Vertical Blinds

Rs. 2101 /- Sq Mts

Duplex Blinds

Rs. 3310 /- Sq Mts

Roman, Panel, Aluminum Blinds

Rs. 3785 /- Sq Mts

Wooden, Sheer Horizon Blinds

Rs. 6750 /- Sq Mts

Honeycomb, Pleated, Cladded

Rs. 5250 /- Sq Mts


Rs. 12500 /- Per Blind

What is the difference between blinds and curtains?

Many people use “blind curtain” or “curtain blinds” interchangeably while referring to blinds. But there is a difference between the two products - blinds and curtains. They are, after all, not synonymous.



Blinds are made of coated fabric, soft fabric wood & aluminium.

Curtains are fabric panels, often sold in pairs as ready-made curtains or customized to the window size.

They move upwards and downwards with a cord or a lifting chain mechanism. Window blinds are usually provided with a decorative cassette or a horizontal channel.

They hang from a rod or on channels, which can be plain or decorative.

Blinds come in a wide range of fabric (coated & soft fabric), wood, metal and a variety of colours and tones.

Curtains are a versatile choice as they come in a wide range of fabrics, colours and patterns.

Why should you choose D’Decor blinds?

We, at D’Decor, believe in creating perfect settings across homes and office spaces - an ambience that compliments every mood. And with our exquisite blinds, we aim to make your home a beautiful and a comfortable abode. As leaders in smart light control and motorized blinds, along with our word-class innovative functions, designs and a streamlined manufacturing process, we ensure you get only the best.

Our style experts will work with you to suggest the look that will best suit your needs. Whether you want to give your space a contemporary modern look or a classic touch, we’ll help you find the perfect blinds that reflect your home’s personality.