10 Best Embroidered Bedsheet Designs

May 2021

Exquisite embroidered bed sheets can make the bed you dream in, look like the bed of your dreams. A gorgeous handmade embroidery bed sheet is a work of art.

It enhances the look and feel of your bedroom, giving it a touch of elegance, that never goes out of style.

Not only is it an essential addition to your bed linens, it is also a wonderful gifting option. Beautiful embroidery bedsheets with a good thread count of over 200 threads are must-haves for your bedroom.

Here is our list of the top 10 designs for 2021 of embroidery bed sheets online with pictures.

1. Wild rose

Blooming pink roses in a bed of green leaves, woven together so marvelously, the blushing colours are sure to make you smile

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2. Cocoa Gold

Hazel splendour. That’s the only way to describe this lush design of golden weaves swimming ornately in a pool of chocolatey brown

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3. Sapphire

Indigo and green weaves delicately sown in. This embroidered bedsheet is a dream.

Shop at: https://www.ddecor.com/eb96

4. Rose quarts

A white beauty with extraordinary embroidery in geometric shades of rose, makes the perfect landscape for you to arise from fresh every morning.

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5. Living coral

Vivacious hues inspired by sunset skies, this is a masterpiece you won’t tire of from dusk to dawn. It’s a statement design, that will light up the room.

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6. Honey

Cozy and delicious. Such a gorgeous shade this handmade embroidery bed sheet has! Beautifully off-set with contrasting colours of blue, dark red and mustard, this is a great option to add a touch of warmth to your bedroom.

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7. Pacific

A strip of gorgeous embroidery crosses the pacific blue ocean on the spread of this bedsheet. It’s one of the most beautiful blue embroidered bed sheets, you'll ever lay your eyes or yourself on.

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8. Slate

You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s one of our classic embroidery bedsheets. A pristine bed of ivory with gray geometric threadwork, is quintessential class. It will never go out of style.

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9. Sea glass

A luxurious blend of contrast. Stark grey set against an intricate sea-foamy blue pattern. This embroidered bedsheet is for the discerning customer, looking for sophistication. It’s one of the finest designs of  embroidery bed sheets online.

Shop at: https://www.ddecor.com/eb86

10. Contemporary Luxury

A regal lavender with white floral inspired threadwork. The embroidery is a la mode and a great choice if you want to spruce up the bedroom with a modish charm.

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Our store has a wide range of handmade embroidery bed sheets online for you to pick and choose from. So go on, browse. Happy bedding!