Corporate Social Responsibility

D'Decor propagates a philosophy of 'Live Beautiful'. This philosophy goes beyond just beautifying homes to a more holistic way of life which includes greener environment, good education, proper healthcare, and equality. D'Decor has initiated various endeavours to address all these parameters.


    One of the key initiatives towards our social responsibility is minimising the carbon footprint. D’Decor operates five manufacturing plants located at Tarapur, India, with an output exceeding 120,000 meters a day. At any given point of time, the supply chain is capable of delivering more than 200,000 SKUs. The overall energy requirement to achieve this output is approximately 9.5 cr units annually. With an increased focus towards green energy, D’Decor has invested in rooftop solar panels at all the manufacturing units. The capacity of this is approximately 6.8 MW and it caters to about 10% of the total energy requirement. This not only helps the organization reduce the utility cost of operations but also goes a long way in reducing the carbon footprint. The solar rooftop installation at D’Decor was done in two phases spanning over 2 years, thus enabling our entire rooftop's real-estate capable of harnessing solar energy.