Why should STYLE EXPERT design my home?

STYLE EXPERT has redefined home design through a home furnishing service that’s powered by cutting-edge technology. We bring you all the best of D’Decor products and with the help of our Expert designers, convert your designer home dream into reality.

How is STYLE EXPERT different from individual designers/ studios?

STYLE EXPERT is a team of in-house designers from D’Decor that are carefully vetted and who have a wide experience in the number and scale of projects in their repertoire who will assist you in giving end-to-end solution for all your soft home furnishing needs.

Which are the cities STYLE EXPERT currently operates in?

STYLE EXPERT is currently operational in Mumbai and is coming to other Metros very soon.

What kind of spaces does STYLE EXPERT design?

STYLE EXPERT offers soft furnishings for all residential homes & commercial spaces, be it small or big, apartments or individual homes or villas. To book us for your home interiors, fill up the form here.

What is Entire house design?

When we use the term “Entire house design”, we’re referring to designing personalized and curated solutions using soft furnishings for all your home spaces. The product categories we offer are Upholstery, Curtains, Bedding, Blinds, Wallpapers, Rugs and Performance Fabrics (Water repellent, Flame retardant, etc.)

Can I get just a part of my home designed?

In most cases, yes, STYLE EXPERT can work with you to design a part of your home, be it just your Bedroom or your living room. However, we suggest a consultation with a designer to get a definite answer, based on your unique scope of work and personal preferences.

I live outside India but, I own a property in India. Can STYLE EXPERT help design my home?

Yes, of course! Your Style Expert is trained to manage consultations via Email/ Chat/ Video call. With our proprietary online tools, you can track the progress of your home design from literally anywhere around the world!

Who will work on my STYLE EXPERT home project?

STYLE EXPERT is proud of its diverse and strong community of Style Experts, who will design, deliver and install your home furnishing requirements. When you book us, you’ll be matched with a Style Expert who will be your single point of contact through your design journey.

What kind of designers work with STYLE EXPERT?

Our community of Style Experts is the very best the industry has to offer, handpicked and vetted to design beautiful & functional homes that are personalised to your requirements, lifestyle and needs.

Can I choose or change the interior designer for my project?

Our highly evolved algorithm matches your unique needs and preferences to a suitable Style Expert. We understand choosing a designer requires a lot of research, assessment, and vetting. STYLE EXPERT does all of that for you so you can just relax and focus on getting your dream home designed. To speak to a Style Expert, click here.

Does STYLE EXPERT undertake civil work (Plumbing, painting, Carpentry, etc)?

STYLE EXPERT currently does not undertake civil work. We provide Style Expert services to help you with the aesthetic appeal of your house using our exclusive range of D’Decor soft furnishings.

Who will undertake the installation of my selected products?

Our in house service and installation team of D’Decor will help you undertake installations of your selected products and will sure to give you a seamless design service experience. 

Do I require a STYLE EXPERT account and how do I create it?

Creating an online STYLE EXPERT account will prove quite helpful throughout your home design project as you will be able to track its progress real time. To create your account, simply sign up here.

How do I schedule my first design consultation?

It’s easy! Just fill up the form here. One of our designers will get in touch with you to schedule your first consultation.

I’ve submitted the online consultation form. When will I get a call from a Style Expert?

Congratulations, you’ve just taken a big step to living in your dream home! Now that you have filled up the form, our Style Expert will reach out to you within 48 to 72 hours.

How much time will it take to design my home?

Your Style Expert will work at a pace suited best for you and your home. Design time can depend on a lot of factors; choosing the products, number of iterations, your availability, response time, etc. At STYLE EXPERT, we give you the freedom to share feedback and iterate designs several times. Invariably, it can impact the overall duration of your project. Hence, with your continued support and with our designers doing their best we hope to be able to get your project completed within the stipulated timelines.

How much time will it take to install my home interiors?

At STYLE EXPERT, we take pride in adhering to our promised timelines. Once your design is finalised and an order has been placed by you the project will move into the execution stage. Your designer will then share a detailed schedule of the installation timeline.

If I have any queries/ concerns, who do I get in touch with?

Our customer care team is more than happy to help! Please call us on 1800 267 9008 (9 AM – 8 PM) or email on ‘styleexpert@D’’.


What do I need to start my project?

For the first design consultation, we suggest you carry your floor plan, reference images or inspiration and be prepared to discuss your requirements, your lifestyle and personality in detail with your designer.

What should I expect from my design consultation?

You’ll be meeting your Style expert in person at one of our Exclusive D’Decor outlets or at your project location. You’ll be discussing your soft furnishing requirements, design goals and ways to improve and utilize the space. After the consultation, your designer will share a personalised design proposal with estimated cost.

What is a design concept/ proposal and what will be included in it?

Your Style Expert will put together reference styles on a mood board so that you can better visualize your interiors.

What is a BoQ?

A BOQ is a bill of quantities (BOQ), which is an itemised sheet of all products and their costs will be shared after your soft furnishing selections have been finalized.

How many design iterations can I request?

You can request to a maximum of 3 mood board designs for each of your rooms. Any additional design requirement will be chargeable accordingly of ₹ 3000 per mood board. 

Will I get to see samples and designs before I place the order?

Definitely! Your Style Expert will give you a walkthrough of our Exclusive D’Decor Store near you where you can touch and feel fabrics and explore our range of merchandize.

A product from my Quotation is now out of stock. What do I do?

Don’t worry! Your products will only be ordered after the taking into account the available stock with D’Decor. Our vast catalogue is designed in a way that you’ll never run out of beautiful products to choose from.


Who will manage my project?

Your Style Expert will be the single point of contact and will manage your project, from start to finish.

How do I receive updates on my home project?

STYLE EXPERT ensures complete transparency when you design with us. After your order has been placed, your designer will share a detailed timeline and schedule and will regularly keep you updated on the progress via emails, calls, site meetings and through your STYLE EXPERT account.

Who will be supervising the site work at the time of installation?

The in-house Installation team of D’Decor along with the Style Expert will be present on-site to handle the installation work of your project. You can always talk to your Style Expert if you have any concerns regarding the installation.

My project is taking longer than expected! What do I do?

Extended timelines can be due to a lot of factors such as design iterations, delayed meetings, etc. We suggest you speak to your Style Expert to resolve your concerns.

I have concerns about my on-going project. Who do I get in touch with?

You can raise a red flag regarding your designer and/or on any other project-related concerns and escalate unresolved issues by calling the customer care number 1800 267 9008 and letting them know your order number and/ or you can also drop a mail on ‘Styleexpert@D’’.


Who will be installing my home interiors?

Your on-site execution will be handled by the in-house installation team of D’Decor Style Expert services.

Where are your products manufactured?

All D’Decor branded products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art factories in India and abroad.

How soon can I expect work to begin?

Your Style Expert will begin work on the final designs and manufacturing as soon as we confirm the receipt of your order confirmation payment.

Who will be my go-to person during installation of the project?

At any point during the project, from design to installation, your Style Expert will remain your go-to person. Please speak to your Style Expert for any queries, concerns or clarifications or you can call our customer care number 1800 267 9008 and let them know your order number and/ or you can also drop a mail on ‘Styleexpert@D’’.

Who will audit the quality of the project?

Your Style Expert will always be closely monitoring your project progression and will keep you abreast.

Are Style Expert services chargeable?

No, Style Expert services are not chargeable as of now.                 

Will I get a refund if I’m unhappy with the quality of work?

If you encounter any hiccups regarding the stocks and/or installation, our design team will support you to get the replacement. If you would want to go ahead with the cancellation then we can return the money back to you in your bank account. No cash refund will be provided.



How much would the entire design service for my home project cost?

After the initial free design consultation, your designer will share a proposal with an estimated cost. Once you book us, this quotation will vary based on actual design choices and material selection.

Do you charge for site visits?

While your Style Expert will never charge you for site visits but the number of site visits is limited. Please speak to your Style Expert to know more.

What is covered under the final project cost?

The final project cost of your STYLE EXPERT home soft furnishings includes products and taxes.

Why is the final quotation different from the initial quotation?

The initial quotation or the BOQ from your Style Expert is a ballpark figure to give you an idea of how much it might cost to design the interiors of your home. As you start deciding on designs, materials and products, this quotation may change (higher or lower than initial estimations) depending on your choices.

Do I have to pay my designer directly?

No. To safeguard and track your transactions, kindly make all your payments on the STYLE EXPERT website directly. You’ll never have to make any extra/ separate payments to your designer. Please visit our payments tab for more information.

You can also pay in cash at our Exclusive D’Decor outlets.


When can I expect a response to my issue??

You can expect a response within 24 hours. You will also get clear communication as a company representative will get in touch with you.

What happens after I raise an issue?

Once you raise an issue an Online Design Consultant gets notified. Internal teams would then be notified, who would deep dive into the same and come up with a resolution. After analysing it internally, our representative will then call you within 48 hours, to either initiate a resolution or ask for more information. Alongside, senior management would be intimated to ensure transparency and concurrency.

How can I escalate the issue further?

You can also mail us on Styleexpert@D’ or call our customer care number 1800 267 9008 to escalate the issue further.

How long does it take to resolve an issue on average?

We try to reach a resolution at the earliest. However, the average time frame could vary and largely depends on the complexity of the problem you’re facing.

What should I do if I disagree with the representative’s decision to resolve my issue?

You can request the customer care executive on 1800 267 9008 to make you speak to a senior manager and/or you can mail us on Styleexpert@D’


What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellations arising during or after the STYLE EXPERT service are 100% refundable for now!

The refund will only be processed into your bank account. No cash refunds will be entertained.

How do I request a return?

Please inform your allocated Style Expert or write to us at styleexpert@D’ within 48 hours of completion of your project. 

When will I receive a replacement?

When a return is accepted, the timeline for the replacement to reach you may vary from product to product. A STYLE EXPERT representative will keep you informed at all times, and will make all efforts to make sure your new product reaches you very soon.


1. Online payments

Every BoQ shared with you will include an online payment link. The payment is processed through a secure PayU gateway and you can use it to pay through all major credit cards, debit cards & UPI.

If you prefer a bank/wire transfer, contact your designer for payment details.

2. Offline payments

To opt for this method, speak to your designer. All cheques or drafts must be in the favour of D’Decor Home Store LLP.

3. Offline payment for B2B clients

Only for business-to-business clients, all cheques and drafts must be in favour of D’Decor Home store LLP.

4. Cash Payment

Payments can also be made in Cash at our Exclusive D’Decor stores.