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Why are masks important?

Face Masks cover the mouth and nose acting as a simple barrier that help prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching others in your vicinity. Masks tend to reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth.

It is important to wear three layer face masks during the spread of coronavirus. Several studies have found that people with COVID-19 who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) and those who are not yet showing symptoms (pre-symptomatic) can still spread the virus to other people via droplets generated from their mouth. But wearing a three layer mask can help protect those around you and give you protection from those who may be infected.

It is especially important to wear a face mask when you are indoors with people you do not live with and when you are unable to maintain a social distance of 6 feet since COVID-19 mainly spreads among people in close contact with one another. Wearing face masks outdoors is also essential; it has been made compulsory by law as recent data shows that the virus is air-borne. Face masks are literally the only protective physical barrier we should all wear to stop the spread of the transmission to protect us and others around us.

What are the different types of masks from D’Decor?

An abundance of masks are available, from cloth masks to surgical masks. Different types of masks are made with different types of materials and have different benefits:

  1. Cloth Masks
    The market is inundated with cloth masks. However, they provide limited protection. Cloth masks from D’Decor are 3 layer face masks that have antiviral properties. The outer layer is of 100% cotton duck fabric. This layer is treated with antiviral finish on both sides which helps trapping and destroying most viruses, including coronavirus, influenza virus, avian flu virus and swine flu virus.

    The middle layer, which is sandwiched between the inner and outer fabric layers, is made of a 20 GSM non-woven industry-standard melt-blown filter. The bacterial filtration efficiency of the middle layer is 98%.

    The inner layer is composed of 180 TC fine cotton which is suited to provide comfort against skin. It is also treated with antiviral finish to destroy biological contaminants. ViroGuard by D’Decor antiviral mask is powered by Heiq Viroblock, an innovative Swiss technology.

  2. Surgical Masks
    3 Ply Surgical masks are made of three layers - an outer hydrophobic non-woven layer to repel water droplets, body fluids and blood, a middle melt-blown layer to filter germs from entering or exiting the mask and an inner soft absorbent non-woven layer to absorb water, sweat and spit.

    3 Ply Surgical masks by D’Decor have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%. Diligently wearing a surgical mask in public spaces can significantly reduce the spread of respiratory infections.

Why should you choose D’Decor Masks?

A three layer mask by D’Decor comes with an antiviral finish that makes the mask fabric hypoallergenic, self-sanitizing and germ resistant, allowing you a longer use between two washes.

The advantage of using these 3 layer face masks during the spread of coronavirus is primarily safety by means of prevention of transmission. Viroguard by D’Decor antiviral masks retain the antiviral capability for up to 30x washes, making it not just washable but also durable. It means that you can use one face mask effectively for more than 200 days. While most fashion masks provide only standard antibacterial filter, D’Decor’s Viroguard range of antiviral masks are equipped to combat bacteria as well as disease-causing viruses - especially SARS - CoV2 effectively in minutes. The masks are tested according to ISO 18184 as strongly antiviral against enveloped viruses and bacteria.

D’Decor’s three layer masks have been designed to provide a perfect snug fit, complete with adjustable ear loops to loosen or tighten the fit behind the ears and a nose bridge clip to tighten around your nose as well. The outer layer is 100% cotton duck fabric and the inner layer is 180 TC fine cotton fabric, providing utmost comfort. Viroguard by D’Decor antiviral masks come in a variety of colours and patterns for Men, Women, Boys and Girls so you get a lot of options to choose from.

D’Decor’s 3 Ply surgical masks are built for safety. They are anti-dust and anti-droplets, comfortable and breathable with a bacteria filtration efficiency of 98%.

Is it safe to buy a mask online?

COVID-19 guidelines stress on social distancing which is why stepping out to buy masks over the counter is not advisable. But buying a face mask online from a credible brand ensures that the entire transaction process, right from ordering masks from the safety of your home to the delivery is hassle-free as well as contactless. This not only protects you but also protects your family since you are not required to step out at all. It is, indeed, safe and even recommended to buy masks online.

If you are buying a cloth mask online, make sure to go for cloth masks with antiviral finish for better safety.

What are some tips for buying masks online?

Here are some things you should look for while buying face masks online:

  1. Protection
    Protection is the key reason you buy a mask. Read the description of the mask before adding it to your cart. Remember, simple cloth masks may not be as effective in keeping you safe as cloth masks with an antiviral finish.

  2. Comfortability
    Masks can get very uncomfortable, especially when worn for a long time. Which is why, you should opt for a mask that provides you with comfort along with functionality.

    Since you are not physically seeing or wearing the masks before purchasing online, reading reviews about the mask’s comfortability is advisable. Go for ear loops with adjustable straps when buying a cloth mask online since they are known to be quite comfortable. Also, buy face masks with a nose bridge clip so that you can tighten it around your nose comfortably.

  3. Buy from a credible brand
    With a surge in the need for face masks, several online marketplaces have started selling them. While buying masks online, it is wise to look at how credible the brand is so that you are assured of the product’s good quality and ability to protect you from contaminated air.

    D’Decor 3 layer face masks are tested for antiviral activity against viruses and meet the required safety and certification standards to protect you.

What should you look for when buying masks?

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, a three layer mask has become the most necessary part of your attire. Here are some things to consider when buying masks:

  1. A fine weave, high thread count and dense material
    The spacing between individual yarns are of different sizes depending on the fabric construction. The smaller these gaps, the less likely aerosol can pass through. Dense and tightly woven fabrics also offer the best chance of protection because these have the smallest gaps. Flimsy or see-through material for a mouth mask is not adequate because droplets can still pass through the gaps.

  2. Layers in a mask
    Check how many layers the mask has. A single layer mask is better than no covering at all. But a mask with two layers or even a three layer mask is better than a single layer mask, striking a balance between breathability and filtration.

  3. Mask Fitting
    A mask should fit your face snugly. A face mask should cover your mouth and nose with no gaps. Also, ensure that you have no gaps around the edges of your mask, or you will end up breathing contaminated air.

  4. Washability
    The face mask must be washable without any change in shape or other damage.

What is the price range for masks?

D’Decor offers a variety of stylish three layer masks that protect you at a range of prices.


Starting Price

Surgical Masks

Rs. 100

Fabric Masks

Rs. 225

When does a mask expire?

Like cloth masks, you can wear reusable masks by D’Decor multiple times if you wash them thoroughly. Viroguard by D’Decor antiviral masks can be used upto 30 washes.

While it is advisable to dispose of a surgical mask after using it only once, every type of mask eventually worsens in condition. It can be through oxidation, cracking, becoming dirty or tearing of the mask or elastic.

It is time to dispose of the mask if it has become loose, shrunk, stretched or distorted due to excessive washing and reuse. Cleaning it can also reduce a mask’s potential for reducing the inhaling of aerosol.