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Embroidery Bedding Set

A comfy and cozy bed is a must for a good sleep, especially after a stressful, busy day for you to recharge and rejuvenate. A goodlooking bed has paramount significance in the overall bedroom interior, and a gorgeous bedding set is the magic wand that can instantly revamp your bedroom. D’Decor presents an assortment of exclusive collections of bedding sets online with comprehensive selection of solids, colorful prints with traditional, damask, geometric, floral patterns. D’Decor also boasts an extensive collection of embroidered bedding sets. Embroidery is an age-old technique that has not faded even today. Embroidered garments were a symbol of social status in various ancient cultures and still denote exquisite taste and extravagance. D’Decor’s embroidered bedding sets are an effortless solution for a sumptuous bed and bedroom interiors. Owning a D’Decor’s designer bed set is a worthwhile investment. Styles on display include classic bedding sets adorning traditional motifs such as damask or paisley, bedding sets with floral, geometric, leaves, striped designs, and more. Ideal for classic home interiors, we suggest you check out our Efflorescent, Verve, Baroque, and Supernova collection. For a more cheerful and trendier environment, florals work best. With collections like Sanctuary, Savanna, Floral retreat, and more, bring nature right inside your home. With a choice in motif placement, like all over pattern, or border design, control the amount of color and style according to your taste. Embroidered bedding set for special occasions is an indisputable choice. However, it should not be limited for occasional use. With collections ranging from minimal designs in neutral colors and simple motifs to exuberant intricate motifs, you get to pick according to your style and needs. Ellisa, Adeline, and luxury linings are some of the collections that offer elegant embroidered bedding sets that feature simple embroidery along the border in geometric or leaf patterns. Sleep blissfully in splendor curling up in an embroidered bedding set from D’Decor.