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Embroidery Bed Spread

D’Decor brings to you a versatile range of exquisite bedspreads that feature timeless designs and superior collections. You can find king size embroidered bedspreads on the website and choose from a vibrant collection of textured styles. D’Decor also makes sure that all bedspreads are specifically curated to match the decor of your bedroom and create a fluid ambience that speaks of your unique style. Bedspreads, as the name suggests, are removable covers used to cover the bed, during the day . D'Decor offers an exclusive range of embroidered bedspreads that are elegant and sleek. Apart from good design, D'Decor's bedspreads have a wonderful feel. They are easy to wash as well as durable. These collections of embroidered bedspreads come in an attractive selection of designs such as geometric, damask, paisley, floral, and more. These lightweight spreads with hundred per cent cotton-based construction enable the cover to be draped elegantly on the bed. These bedspreads can also be machine washed at home with ease. Our embroidered bedspreads in bright colours with easy-to-wash properties are perfect options for kids’ bedrooms as well. Offered in a lovely selection of colours and designs, D’Decor also has hand-embroidered bedspreads that serve as a stylish solution to make your day bed look glamorous, with our sophisticated designs and soft feel. Browse through our website to buy your favourite bedspreads online. D'Decor's collection of embroidered bedspreads comes in a vast variety of selection. You can add the appeal of beautiful flowers to your room with the Floral Retreat Collection from D'Decor. There are also pretty designs offered in the Supernova Collection that are superior in our one-of-a-kind design with contemporary flair. Woven from 100 percent fine, combed cotton, D’Decor’s embroidered bedspreads online are a visual delight. The Poetica Glaze and Robust Collections from D'Decor's range of embroidered bedspreads also feature graceful designs that uplift the look of your bedrooms. So, give your bedroom decor a fine makeover by choosing from this selection of elegant bedspreads available on D'Decor's website.